Privacy POLICY

1.The use and ordering of the products on the site is permitted from the age of 18 and over. 2.What is stated in these regulations refers equally to members of both genders, and the use of the masculine language is for reasons of convenience only. 3.The provisions of this regulation and the terms of use that appear on the website define the legal relationship between the customer and the website, the terms of use of the website and/or the ordering of the products from the website and indicate the customer’s agreement to these terms and additional conditions that appear on the website. 4.The company may at any time, at its sole discretion, update these regulations. 5.These conditions apply to the use of the website and the services included in it through any computer or other communication device (such as a cell phone, tablets of various kinds, etc.) They also apply to the use of the website, either through the Internet or through any other network or means of communication. 6.Nothing in this regulation is intended to derogate from the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 (hereinafter: “Consumer Protection Law”) and the regulations established pursuant to it, insofar as they apply to the website (hereinafter: the “instructions”), except in cases where it is possible to stipulate such instructions and such stipulation was carried out within the framework of the site, either explicitly or implicitly.
7.All the personal details of the orderer (name, e-mail, etc.) will be kept in the company’s databases.
8.The company will not transfer the personal details of the customer to any other party except to the suppliers, if necessary and this only for the purpose of completing a transaction.
9.The company will not make any use of the details of the orderer’s payment method except to make a payment for a transaction that the orderer requested to make, and these details will not be transferred to any other party except for this purpose. For the avoidance of doubt, the payment method details are not stored in the company’s databases.
10.Despite the above, the company will be entitled to transfer the personal details of a user to a third party in cases where the orderer has committed an act or omission that harms and/or may harm the company and/or any third parties, the orderer has used the company’s services to commit an illegal act, if the company has received an order Judiciary instructs her to provide the details of the inviter to a third party as well as in any dispute or legal proceedings.
11.The company may use the customer’s personal information, without identifying the specific customer, for the purpose of analyzing statistical information and presenting and/or providing it to other parties.
12.Since it is about carrying out operations in an online environment, the company is unable to guarantee absolute immunity against intrusion into its computers or disclosure of the stored information by perpetrators of illegal operations. If a third party manages to penetrate the information kept by the company and/or misuse it, the user will not have any claim, claim or demand against the company.
13.The company will be entitled to use “cookies” in order to provide the user with a fast and efficient service and save the customer from having to enter his personal information every time he enters the website.
14.In the event of cases beyond the company’s control and/or resulting from force majeure, the company will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the orderer and/or to those on behalf of the orderer with this information being lost or if unauthorized use is made of it.